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It has been a while since we have posted any news stories on the website. In the last couple of years the public has been inundated with such a steady stream of inflammatory and agitating news about governmental authorities attacking our individual natural rights, that it seems odd that thinking people would not already be aware of what is going on. However, I feel compelled to make this post to shed light on an event that happened recently in Montana which is being blacked out by the press. This is a summary of an article published by the Montana daily Gazette. I hope that you will read that article in its entirety on their site.

On February 2, 2021, over a hundred federal agents descended on a private residence in Western Montana. They arrove in over 30 vehicles including three armored BearCat personnel carriers and even used a helicopter to take a man into custody and serve a search warrant upon his home and seize all of his weapons and ammunition. In order to protect the privacy of this individual the Montana daily Gazette simply refers to him as John Doe.

The reasons for this heavy-handed, expensive, and frankly frightening Orwellian style raid are currently unknown to both the press and Mr. Doe.

John Doe had recently moved back to Montana and was living with his 88-year-old mother who suffers from dementia and another woman that I assume to be a sister. Doe had recently moved away from what appears to be a contentious relationship with a former girlfriend in North Carolina. Apparently she had filed a restraining order, which is a civil matter-not criminal, against Doe in that state. This restraining order appears to have been dubious in nature.

… claiming he was homicidal, suicidal, a threat to her, and had bomb-making materials with the intention to cause harm.  She also claimed he had booby traps all over the home and the surrounding property.  But none of this was true.

Montana Daily Gazette

What makes matters even more disconcerting is the fact that John Doe holds a Federal Firearms License (he is an FFL) and is licensed for all the weapons and ammunition that the government seized in this raid on his property. This means that the government could have come and requested to inspect all of that material at any time peacefully, without having to go through the tyrannical process of raiding Doe’s home in the early morning.

Another alarming aspect of the story is that Doe reports that he was initially placed in loose-fitting flex cuffs (on his wrists) in the back of one of the BearCat vehicles, and was left there for a lengthy period of time. On the floor at his feet were loaded weapons. Doe believes that this was a set up. I.e. They were hoping to induce him to attempt to escape and do so in a fiery bloodbath using the guns they had placed at his feet.

Doe, however, being of sound mind, and having had some advance warning that they were coming because of the driveway motion alarm that had gone off, and understanding the potential for conflict, and not wanting to create a tumultuous situation for the other sleeping inhabitants in the home, he simply walked out to the front porch in his bare feet and raised his hands and presented himself to the authorities without a fight when they drove up in the first place.

The authorities, who included agents from as far away as Pennsylvania, Florida and Virginia, then proceeded to breach his home through an upstairs window, (remember the front door was open) by first lobbing a concussion grenade or what is commonly known as a flash-bang into that bedroom where Doe had been sleeping. Then the team entered his home through the window. They proceeded to disconnect all of his security cameras and conducted a search in the home. They then searched the vehicles and the detached garage including gun safes near the residence which were not included in the warrant.

Doe was released on his own recognizance. This means the man was released without bail. He simply promised to return and clear the matter up in court. Clearly the court did not think him a dangerous individual. And so we must ask ourselves why over 100 federal agents and 30 vehicles were required to take this man into custody. To add insult to injury the feds sent him a list of all the property they confiscated from him which included only about 20% of the items that they had taken. They did not include any accounting for the ammunition that they had stolen. Additionally the notice was sent to both him and his neighbor, and they listed his neighbor’s address on the notice. The unfortunate neighbor had been detained for two hours while attempting to leave for work. He shares the same long driveway as Mr. Doe.

According to the Constitution, federal operators may not engage in law enforcement activities without the permission of the local county sheriff, something that is often overlooked and ignored, which is the case here. Doe was not read his rights until two hours into the event. He was eventually transported to the Flathead County jail by a Deputy Sheriff who was not aware of the preceding events until well after the fact. Doe was released three days later on his own recognizance.  Jane was never read her rights despite being questioned by federal agents.  John, Jane, and John’s mother were not the only victims of this raid.  John’s neighbor, who shares a long driveway with him, was detained in handcuffs for two hours as he left for work. A close friend of John’s heard what had happened and was detained when he went to the house to check on his well-being.  

Montana Daily Gazette


This story should scare the hell out of any red-blooded American who believes they ought to have the self-evident right to property and privacy. Please read the story here and share it with your family and friends. As the Montana Daily Gazette notes at the end of the story, they stand by the veracity of the report, and they hope that as people become aware they will take greater effort to hold government accountable for this type of behavior. The best antidote for such behavior is first to bring it to light and spread far and wide the news of such egregious actions.

As always stay positive, and Live Ready.

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