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For the most part preppers are frugal people. Cost effective solutions are important because we’er just regular people looking to make the most of limited resources. Usually the prepping budget is competing for funds after items like bills, food, and household repairs are cared for. This means that utility and durability for prepping equipment is a must.

Remington 870 prep'd for Duracoat
Remington 870

DuraCoat is a product that increases the utility and durability of firearms at a low price point.

Generally firearms are largely constructed of steel, which makes them vulnerable to rust. Gun owners will regularly wipe a firearm down with oil to protect the finish. DuraCoat greatly reduces the maintenance required to prevent rust, by creating a cured layer hardened urethane on top of the external components of the firearm.

While DuraCoat can scratch wear or chip off, proper surface preparation prior to application can greatly reduce such wear patterns. DuraCoat can be applied at home with minimal equipment. When purchased DuraCoat comes with directions that should be followed. However here are some tips for those applying DuraCoat for the first time.

Brakleen used as degreaser

First: Surface Preparation is Key! Once you have the firearm stripped of it’s components, go to town on surface preparation. Non-chlorinated Brake Cleaner is a great degreaser. Buy more than you think you will need. The piece of mind spraying your parts off with the extra one or two washes after you are convinced they are clean will pay off when it comes time to use your painted firearm.

Preval Spray System
Preval Spray System

Be Meticulous: Wear gloves when handling the cleaned parts to prevent oils or dirt from you hands from contaminating the surface.

Take your time: Spray the parts lightly several times rather than trying to coat them completely on the first try. You can wait a few minutes between coats or use a hair dryer to flash off the volitiles from the surface then re-coat. Take a flash light and look for even and full coverage.

Be patient: After coating is complete wait a few weeks before assembling the firearm. DuraCoat’ed parts can allegedly be assembled the next day, my experience is that DuraCoat can still be soft the next day. If you let the parts fully cure prior to reassembly it is much more difficult to scratch or chip the finish on accident.

When properly applied DuraCoat increases the durability of your firearm and reduces maintenance requirements. Appropriate application is achievable with particular attention and patience.

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