The FBG-6 “Flashbang Lite”

The flashbang has been around since the late 70s. Flashbangs have been called stun grenades, flash grenades, thunderflash and sometimes just “bangs.”

The military/police flashbangs generally non disintegrating body that expels a very bright “flash” and a very loud “bang.” The flash is bright enough to cause temporary blindness, and the bang is loud enough to cause temporary deafness and permanent hearing loss. Military bangs are in the 170-185 decibel range.

These factors make military flashbangs somewhat hazardous and they are regulated by the ATF. This typically puts flashbangs outside the reach of your typical Joe.

Enter the TAGinn FBG-6

Milsim airsoft is a controversial topic in tactical circles. That being said, many of the products for Milsim airsoft are neat representations of real equipment. Heck, some of the stuff blurs the line. Companies like Condor make equipment originally targeting the airsoft community, now in use by professionals in the field.

The FBG-6 is a pyrotechnic airsoft flashbang. It is designed with the styling of the Combined Tactical Systems flashbang in mind. The body is made of ultra lightweight polyurethane foam and cardboard. The plastic fuse/spoon uses a metal pin and the manual of arms is consistent with a legitimate grenade or flashbang.

The device is advertised as providing a 130(per the box) decibel bang, along with a visible flash. The body disintegrates into small pieces with minimal projectile impact.

Airsoft Overachiever

Ok, so all that information can be obtained by anyone reading the sales pitch on a website selling these things. How do they actually perform?

LiveRedE obtained some FBG-6s and I’ve experienced their use first hand. I’ve also been exposed to legitimate tactical flashbangs. I’ve got to say I was impressed with their performance. I’d say the “bang” portion of this airsoft flashbang is on the loud side of its purported 130 decibels. Also the “bang” is not a “crack” or a “pop” but more of a loud “boom.”

The flash is present, but not as blinding as a genuine military/police flashbang. I wouldn’t expect any after image to be present in anything less than dark conditions.

From an effectiveness standpoint, these are less than the genuine article. It should be noted these are not “toys” but rather legitimately designed to simulate flashbangs for training and airsoft games. If you were to do something stupid like prank a coworker with one in an office environment, you’d leave people with ears ringing and probably be fired. Oh yeah, and you’d have to buy your coworker new underpants.


These are designed to be loud and bright with minimal hazard. They appear to be very safe, but are designed with ear and eye protection in mind.

Cost, these run about $10 per bang.

Manual of arms is consistent with genuine flashbangs.

Very loud bang.

Has flash effects.



Hazardous item shipping, means $30-$40 fee on top of the shipping rate. So it doesn’t pay to buy these things one at a time.

While designed to be very safe, the disintegrating body does represent some hazard if deployed near someone without eye and ear protection.

3.5 second fuse is quite long for a flashbang. Although a 2.0 second version is rumored to be coming out soon.

Its lightweight non hazardous construction will be very susceptible to crushing or water damage.

Alternative Use.

With it’s loud report and low hazard the FBG-6 would make an excellent perimeter alarm. Additionally the loud report could be used for signalling purposes in an appropriate environment.

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Dave is a seasoned law enforcement officer with years of sworn experience. Dave is also a competitive shooter, firearms instructor, enthusiast and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner. Dave has been actively cultivating personal preparedness since the early 2000's.

2 thoughts on “The FBG-6 “Flashbang Lite”

  • April 8, 2021 at 1:52 pm

    What would happen if it went off while holding it?

  • Dave
    April 9, 2021 at 7:07 pm

    I’d definitely advise against doing that. They are designed to be a reduced hazard, but they do disintegrate with authority when they go off. The manufacturer recommends gloves and eye protection when using this item. I would expect that you could be injured if you didn’t treat this item with the respect it deserves.


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